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Viki Fjordcamping is situated in Høyheimsvik, between Sogndal and Lom. The camp lies next to highway 55, which is better known as the scenic Sognefjell Road. Viki Fjordcamping is the prefect place to stay when you are visiting the sights in the Fjords. Sognefjellet, Turtagrø, The Jostedal Glacier, Feigefossen and the beautiful Sognefjord is all located around the camping in reasonable distances suitable for a day-trip.

N61* 23` 53,9“ ,   E 7* 23` 29“

Viki Fjordcamping, Lustravegen 2610

N- 6875 Høyheimsvik

Phone: (+47) 99539730

For booking, questions or other requests, please email or call us!

Kind regards
Svein Arne Næss, owner